How is TMU different from TMO?

TMUnderground is different from The Moves Online in one immediately significant way - the ability to use outside editing. This is vastly appealing to many of the directors who have decided to expand beyond the basic frame of The Movies Online.

While TMO has an extremely gifted and creative group of modders who have expended their time, energy and resources into revolutionizing the capabilities of the software, the migration to incorporate outside editing is icing on the cake.

Already we have seen some truly impressive works that would not have been possible within the confines of TMO. For example:

The Intermediate
The Intermediate
From: sisch
Runtime: 22:06
Views: 15958 | Comments: 42

Sisch describes this as, "A nightclub. Curtis Place, the hotspot in town. Kitty. A dancer, young, beautiful, high spirited, innocent. Cora. A singer, at the height of her career, warm hearted and respected. Paul. The good soul of the club, a gentleman. Friendship. Trust. Conflicting emotions. A price to pay. Even though I uploaded in insanely high quality, conversion took away a lot of detail and the sound seems to be ever so slightly out of synch with lip movement... at least I see it."

Valentines Day
Valentines Day
From: michael_b6
Runtime: 11:31
Views: 1999 | Comments: 58

Created for a TMO vs Moviestorm Action film contest that was canceled this film was created with the community as a whole. From Modders to VO’s we went for a heavyweight knockout. Given the theme “Lesser of Two Evils” Valentines Day is a story about just that. Set as the ending to a bigger film. The film is a showcase of TMO’s ability to make a knock out action film and since the contest allowed outside editing…this was our chosen project! Valentine is the city's most notorious crime figure and with a huge corruption trial looming over the city hes just snatched the key witness away and aims to show that there are bad guys and there are worse guys.


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