TMU's Once Upon a Time Competition

The TMU's "Once Upon a Time" Competition has come to an end and the winners announced.

There are many important elements to a movie or screen play. One of the most important element is STORY and PLOT. A really great movie needs a really great story but often the story and plot suffer because of lack of creativity, originality, need to visual effects and action sequences etc.

The 'Once Upon A Time' contest focused on STORY and PLOT DEVELOPMENT. What the judges were looking for were an ORIGINAL plot, a WELL THOUGHT OUT story, CREATIVITY, excellent PLOT and CHARACTER developments, something INTERESTING and INVOLVING rather than 2-dimensional 'seen it all before' boring story lines.

The 1-6 place winners are:

First Place - Authored by thebiz
Second Place - When the Wind Got its Voice by elbow
Third Place - Hector and Dale by jjnelson222
Fourth Place - Theory of the Heart by pookashells
Fifth Place - Prince Logan and the Dragon by dulci
Sixth Place - A Tale of Little Tommy and His Love of Firearms by asaoleary123

Judges were Sparky1512 (who also organized the contest), AnotherNewDawn, SGPorsche48, Ken White, and Joseph KW.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who participated with entries and judging.


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