Winners of The Alfred Hitchcock Competition

Alfred Hitchcock was a master of the suspense genre. Starting in the early 1920s and working until the mid-1970s, Hitchcock re-invented and re-imagined the suspense genre. His films have gone on to influence many over the years. In this competition, entrants were asked to create a film in the style of Hitchcock.

Congratulations to the winners:

1. The Intermediate by Sisch

2. Transcience by JosephKW

3. Rinse & Repeat by Dulci


Killian said...

Well done to all who entered and especial tip of the hat to the massively talented Sisch, Joseph and Dulci who snared top 3; (applause) :)

TMUnderground said...

This was an original competition and I think everyone who participated really enjoyed the challenge.

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