Dr. Frankenstein Plastic Surgeon wins Comedy Round

Dr. Frankstein Plastic Surgeons wins the Comedy Round of thebiz's TMO/TMU Tournament of Champions.

The video by BudBundysMullet can be found here.

The 7 other comedies in this competition were: Time Warped by Trashman, Super Duper Uber Galaxy Force by Mefune Akira, To TMO or Not to TMO by rileyman, She's Having a Baby by legend51, Delbin by Fuzzduck, Seeds of Evil by throwaxe, and Docusmentary Channel The Human Person by bincoln.


Killian said...

Next round has commenced nominations; Round 3 is Action/Adventure movies. Pop along and nominate the movie you think most deserves to stand toe-to-toe in a battle to the death for the coveted title of... TMU/TMO Champion!

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