Industry 101 Interview with Matt Kelland

The download for the interview between Industry101 (Jase180 and AnotherNewDawn) is now available here.

The interview covers the history of MovieStorm as well as a discussion of machinima in general. It's exciting to see how much our goals coincide - we want ease of machinima filmmaking, complete with all the features available to a film crew on a physical set, and a forum to share our work. Let the creativity flow!


sisch said...

It was a great show - and Matt already promised to be back, yay!

CD said...

Amazing show. The interview with Matt gave a deep inside into the world of Machinima and a lot of intersting background on MovieStorm.
A must listen for everyone.

P.S. He mentioned my TheMovies film 'Desassossego'
Just in case someone want's to watch it:

Killian said...

Extremely informative interview. Matt was great; forthright, honest and obviously deeply committed to MS; LH could have learned a ton from this man about how to market a product, listen to your community and actually be enthusiastic about your products.

Looking forward to hearing Matt back soon; maybe Ken and Roger should extend him an invite for a longer interview?

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