A Life Alone by Dulci and Old Gems From TMO

There's been a surplus of new releases on TMU lately. Most of them, however, aren't new releases - they are, in fact, part of a rush to get some of the historical gems from The Movies Online uploaded onto TMunderground before they are wiped from the internet forever when TMO goes offline in early December.

To catch up on some of these oldies, but goodies, click here: Rescued TMO Movies.

This release by Dulci (full disclosure - isn't that what real journalists say? - this blog is written by Dulci so naturally I like my own movie!) is a glimpse into the last few minutes of a woman's life. The music is by StokeStudios and Bongoman helped with an animated prop. What I really enjoyed about doing this was combining footage from iclone3 and The Movies to meet the vision I had in mind. I am looking forward to seeing what other hybrids can be crafted once I get more technically savvy with iclone. I have hesitated on posting it on any iclone sites because I'm not sure how they would feel about a hybrid movie.


Ricky Grove said...

There are some very nice moments in the film. I'm a big fan of "anymation" (use of more than one machinima engine) and the use of the two different programs is seamless. I love sound and you did a very nice job. Especially loved the poetic qualities of the film. So nice to see a machinima film not entirely rooted in realism.

I'm glad someone is archiving films from TM. So sad that they'll all be gone in Dec.

TMUnderground said...

Ooo I didn't know there's a word that fits what I do - Anymation. Cool! Glad you enjoyed it :)

sisch said...

Anymation - what a cool word! Mind if I borrow that, too, Rick? :)

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