The Story of Us Opens to Rave Reviews

Jase180's The Story of Us released earlier this evening, and the response has been overwhelming. He leads us into the movie by asking, "When is starting over the right choice? When is it the right time to try it all again? One couple works through the pros and cons of starting over."

Combining the excellent writing and Jase's unique style with the expert acting of Lizard and Mrs. Guppi, viewers are left open-mouthed and applauding.

"Wow. I watched this twice... what a wonderful story, with beautiful music and visuals! I especially enjoyed the intimate voiceacting - Mrs. Guppi and Lizard are amazing!Pacing was perfect, and the dialogue - just great work, Jase!"

"Beautiful story, really well written and told so so well by Lizard and Mrs Guppi. They both get there roles absolutely spot on. existential, philosophical, surreal - what a combination!"

It looks like I know which director I will be interviewing for this blog first.


TFoster said...

I really enjoyed this movie, here was my review from TMU...

Beautiful, just beautiful...I really enjoyed this..
Very artistic and well put together with some really nice shots
Plus Lizard and Mrs Guppi made a great pair!...


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