iClone and MovieStorm discussion on TMOA Radio Jan 25 2009

An announcement from Kuroken, host of the Roger & Ken show, regarding the Sunday, January 25, 2009 lineup:

As we move toward becoming a community of filmmakers using different software to make our films, one thing I've sensed is that some people are hesitant to try some of the other packages out there, like MovieStorm or iClone, because they worry that the learning curve will be too steep, or they're too hard to use, or whatever....

Clearly The Movies is still a very viable tool for moviemaking, especially with the ability to use outside editors and special effects software to bring your vision to life - if you don't think so, check out some of the stuff that people like Ubernewbie, Killian, and MefuneAkira are doing with The Movies, just to name three obvious examples.

But some are looking to try other software, either because of limitations in The Movies, or because they want something different.

That's where this episode of Roger and Ken Go to Hell comes in....

We've had shows over the past couple of months interviewing iClone and MovieStorm filmmakers, and we've touched upon the process of making movies with those software packages. This week, the show will be all about it.

And because we have some community members, formerly TMers, who have been doing some amazing stuff with both programs - people who three months ago, knew nothing but The Movies. Today we'll be bringing them in to talk about the thing on the minds of many - how hard is it to learn iClone or MovieStorm, how hard is it to use those programs, and how hard is it to do the amazing things they're doing. We won't be talking about specific movies - more about how they learned, and how they do it.

So our guests tomorrow, in no particular order, will include:

Sisch - MovieStorm
Dulci - iClone
Reptor7 - MovieStorm
Biggstrek - iClone
KingPengvin - MovieStorm

and I may chime in with my so-far limited knowledge of iClone and Roger may have something to say about MovieStorm.

Should be interesting - and we'll also be glad to take questions from listeners, about learning and getting up to speed with both iClone and Moviestorm, so if you'll be around, be thinking about what you might like to know.

The show begins at 2 pm Eastern, 7 pm in the UK, 8 pm in Europe, and sometime before dawn in Australia, depending exactly where on the continent you might find yourself. To listen, go to the TMOA Website and select the 32K or 64K stream.

Feel free to join the community in the chatroom that is usually hopping during the show as well.


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