Saving Grace Wins Distance Competition

Sisch's Saving Grace won Del's Distance Competition.

As the judges say, "In the end though there had to be a winner, and we all agreed that prize must go to Saving Grace. Getting blown away by the technical genius of this movie aside; Saving Grace perfectly conveys the feeling of distance through the loneliness and frustration of Grace (beautifully performed by Sisch!). A deep character and one we most certainly can relate to. The moment where AICO (AND does an amazing job here) offers to take her back is quite special, pivotal in reflecting how she longs to close that distance."

Coming in second is Dulci's I Will Not Speak of It. "Not only a great example of what is possible with iclone but also a wonderful character study of someone who is psychologically and socially distant. Dulci's movie almost won for me and Roger and it was very difficult to relegate this movie to second!"

Tying for third place are Nukester's Reflections, described as "an Intriguing, moody audio-visual story", and Norrie's Loss, a "fantastic Portishead style song with a great video to match."

Congratulations to Sisch and thank you to Del and the rest of the judges.


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