3 Hot New Releases

Boy oh boy has today been a busy day at the TMUnderground. Three highly anticipated movies were all released within the past 20 hours.

First up, The War of The Worlds Part 1 is now showing. This variation of H.G. Wells' story was written by Killian and directed by Chris62. The special effects will leave you wondering....how did they do this with TheMovies? Many viewers have commented on the exceptional narration by Sparky. Kuroken's review sums it up nicely as he says, "Great start to the film, Chris - well-written script from Killian, some great sfx from Bongo, a strong, believable performance from Sparky, and your own directoral flourishes....can't wait for the continuation."

Nukester's Temporary Night - well, all that can really be said is WOW. Nukester describes his movie..."Experience a slice of life on the bright streets of 'Neon City', where drama unfolds at every corner.

Sean is currently going through a marriage crisis and is on the verge of a breakdown.

He ends up taking solace at a night club called the “Temporary Night” where he befriends a mysterious dancer/waitress called ‘Naomi’.

Through fate, two strangers with problems lean on each other for support and find friendship but where does this lead to ?".

As Tinman raves in his review, "Nukester....... we waited and waited for Temp Nights... and BAM!!!!! Finally it emerges and the brilliance of it makes us slap on sunglasses. The hynotic rythems lures us to our doom and delight. Genius is written across every frame."

Last but certainly not least, Sitting on Top of the World by Torrechiara Studios is now showing. The movie description states, "An American Soldier and British Journalist both find themselves terrorist hostages after a terrorist attack on the small city of Beytussebap, Turkey.

Trapped in a terrorist prison cell, these two stangers must overcome their fears, their sorrows, and their social differences to stay alive."

BenTuttle sums up his feelings,
"Powerful, just powerful Bricks. The time it takes definitely shows. The writing, the dialouge, the acting, the camera work, and the great ambient music just blended together so well. Very interesting film and I will be happy to add it in my favorites.

This is one hell of a good film. Just incredible."

As you start your weekend, take a gander at one, two, or all three of these films. You will NOT be disappointed.


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