TMUnderground Weekly Top 10

Movies Released Week of March 7-13, 2009

Top 10 Commented All Genres

Vegas Mods
By BudBundysMullet

Software: TheMovies
"Mods for my next movie.
A bond Flick named 007 Russian Roulette
Starring the one and only Elvis Presley

Viva Las Vegas: Elvis Presley"

By Dulci

Software: iclone3
"Old time Exlax radio commerical directed in iclone and edited with Corel Vidoeo12. Yes, I had fun making this, and I'm pretty sure it's my best work yet. "

Blue oyster colt music Godzilla
By Chris62

Software: iclone
"messing around with animation and iclone"

Sitting On Top Of The World an E True Story

By EthanRunt

Software: Live action
"The true making of to the biggest epic drama from Torrechiara Studios.
World Renowned Documentarian Ethan Runt examines in depth the traumas, drama and illegalities that went into the production, and out of the country.

Featuring Alessandro Bricoli, Andrew Abbiw, cast and crew members, this tragic documentary is enthralling, eye-opening and very vulgar, you have been warned."

Prodigy Infects The Minds of Billy Mays and Vince
By OD-Ork-Boy

Software: TV footage
"One of the greatest bands in the world meet two of the greatest salesmen to ever live. Insanity and loss of life insues.

This is a low budget, hastily made, shoddy, ill-conceived, badly executed, talentless hack of a project. And that's why it's fun to watch!

Not only is it my first comedy AND my first music video, but also my first time I used an outside editing program. Bask in my amateur glory.

Song: "Breathe" (By Prodigy)

No challenge to the respective copyright holders intended. "

Cheyenne Trailer
By jakechief

Software: TheMovies
"This is the trailer for my newest movie Cheyenne"

SOULKING - Movie Trailor
By allpoint

Software: iclone
"A trailor for SOULKING due JUNE 2009"

Pinhead Adventures
By Wolf

Software: iclone
A fun crossover spoof of Pinhead entering into my fantasy worlf of Adanax.

Red December Color Test

By BlackRoseProductions

Software: TheMovies
"This is just the opening scene footage recolored with the NewBlue filters for Vegas. Same footage, no slowmo, no title card, and different music. "

Empty Vessel
By Greenglades

Software: TheMovies
"Created for the 73hr film competition: "Today, I woke up dead" "


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