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Movies Released Week of March 14-20, 2009

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I Never Miss- Part I

From: asaoleary123

Software: TheMovies

Dent and the Joker are being detained after the atrocities they both committed in Gotham. The city is safe, but not for long, a new acquaintance has taken an interest in Dent and his aims. Soon Dent and his new found partner in crime are hatching a plan to bring Gotham to it's knees, and they've got the inside man to do it.
Batman, working with Detective Harvey Bullock, must save Gotham from the brink. But how can they when everyone around them is falling?

Angels v Demons (Trailer)
From: capemedia

Software: iclone3

I wish to announce that one of the first trailers from a series of shorts has been released.

The first piece called Angels v Demons will be a typical fast paced short showing the direction I’m moving in the use of iClone and Adobe After Effects.

These shorts have been made side by side with my more major projects and currently while I await the final completion of my new studios, these are the projects I am finishing.

Enjoy the trailer.

The Brain From Outer Space
From: Dulci

Software: iclone3

Beware The Brain From Outer Space!!

A mini-production made as I was experimenting with some techniques in iclone.

Nuove Terra's Ring of Time
From: squirrelygirl

Software: Moviestorm

Trailer for Episode 1 of The Ring of Time

Stowaways Season 2 Teaser 1
From: VectisEthaniel

Software: iclone3

Stowaways - A sort of pre-teaser teaser for Season 2 of Stowaways. First ep should be ready to go in June

From: Harb40

Software: TheMovies

One man's descent into the darkness of depression as told in a dreamlike narration.

Galaxy at war promo 2 the New Season

From: Chris62

Software: TheMovies and iclone3

mods by ubernewbie and jess faan killian google warehouse

The Clarks: Taco Sundae
From: act3scene24

Software: Moviestorm

With voices from Sonya as Holly and SaxyGirl08 as Kyra.

It's just another St. Patrick's Day and the gang is home from school. But the excitement lies ahead. Is "excitement" the right word for this?

The Blue Man
From: Torrechiara_Studios

Software: TheMovies

Just thought I'd try it out and see what I could do ;) Some of the backdrops are pretty shitty cause it was hard to find something that fit, but I think the dude came out good.

WX E.O.S. Promo


Software: TheMovies

Just to let you all know I'm not sluffing off (if that's a word). Working with Adobe After Effects trying to get through at least the bascs to further the project. Enjoy.


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