2 Sci Fi Releases in 2 Days

Two highly anticipated science fiction movies were released this weekend on TMUnderground.

Conquest Artifact Part 2 by ubernewbie carries on directly after the events in part 1 (although its not necessary to view part 1 to understand what's happening in part 2).

Captain Page leads his awayteam across to the Alien artifact, Ensign Jaikiri is still being held by the brutal warrior Skar Deathgiver, and the race is on to claim the Artifact first.

Odyssey Epsiode 2 by Killian is dubbed "The Prophet Motive". The ship is tasked with ferrying a representative of a new religious group to a conference of religious leaders, a matter that brings Ryan into conflict with his own feelings.

Meanwhile someone, or something, will stop at nothing to make sure that meeting doesn’t take place… as unrest grows and the situation balances on a knife-edge, Nolan must discover who… or what… is doing the killings and stop them, before the green-fields of Princeps run red with blood…


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