TMOA Sunday April 5th

A message from Ken of the Roger & Ken Show (and the mastermind behind TMOA radio):

Yeah. That's right. I'm doing the show promo thread on Saturday afternoon. You have a problem with that?

I didn't think so.

So where was I. Oh yes.

Now that everyone has finally gotten their clock situation straightened out, we can all settle in for a spring and summer of fabulous entertainment. Not on TMOA, of course, but somewhere. If you find it before I do, I'd appreciate an email...

But that's neither here nor there. We have guests. And on tomorrow's show, a very special announcement as well...something you've all been waiting a year for....a week early this year because we've got new people using new software.

Some of you may have already guessed what it is. As soon as Roger reads this, he will know. And he will weep. But more of that tomorrow.

IceAxe - A filmmaker using Moviestorm, IceAxe has produced an amazing film with his most recent release, Clockwork. Haven't seen it yet? Go see it now. I mean right now. Well written and acted, beautifully's an exceptional movie by any standards. We'll have him in tomorrow to talk about Clockwork and his filmmaking.

Robin Hat - Mr. Hat has recently followed up the hilarious Attack of the Lumberchicks with Attack of the LUMBERCHICKS - The Rise of RED TEAM- proving that there's is no escape from the fiendish alien Lumberchicks - so hide your wood, and pray that the Red Team will protect the Earth. We'll try to pry some information on that subject from Robin tomorrow.

Special Guests - No names until they make their official announcement (well, okay, if you read the forums, it's not exactly what you would call a huge secret...) - Anyway, those two people will be on tomorrow as well, to chat about their upcoming new TMOA show that will be on the air real soon now. I know I'm looking forward to it (if I wasn't, I would have said "no") and tomorrow we'll hear from their very lips what this is all about...


Regular features such as Rednecks Massacre Cinema, with regular rednecks like theMonk and his regular gang (when you get to his age, you don't call them the Irregulars, because it has a different meaning), Reel Discovery with Rposhard, another regular Joe with a hard-luck story, and of course, Roger and myself, spinning lies to confuse and frighten you, singing to drive you away, shouting out to you in the chatroom in hopes you will become embarassed and leave....usually with limited success. But hey, Roger is the optimistic one...and he promises me that one day my software will say 0 listeners, and I will be free. One day....

It all begins at 2 pm Eastern, 7 pm in the UK, 8 pm in Europe, and some slightly different, though still late, time in Australia To listen (and thus keep glued to my chair by more than bodily fluids), head over to the TMOA website and select the 32K or 64K streams (32K if you're "slow", 64K if you're "not")

If there's a bright spot in all this aural misery, it's the TMOA chatroom, presided over by the kind and just JudyAnn88, where everyone plays nice for fear Judy will remove her face and be revealed as a member of the Iguana Race.

Ciao, as we jetsetters and Iguana Race wannabees mutter....



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