Moviewood-E! Issue 60 Released

A message from the editor....

Yes, fresh from the oven comes Isssue 60 of Moviewood-E! Magazine. Sorry it's a day late but the web site builder I use was shut down for a while. That, however, does not detract from the heaping steaming batch of entertainment you have in store for you in this month's issue. How about:

*Dulci and Wolf discussing iClone and their radio show while sitting in the same seat!

*The very latest from Moviestorm and!

*An exclusive in-depth interview with D. L. Watson, the genius behind The Grey People!

*An on-going tutorial blog learning how to use the very latest in modding tools!

*Reviews, previews, movies and cartoons and much much more!

It's all available right now at our exclusive website:


By the way, that sound you hear when you first go to the site is one of the preview trailers which for some mysterious reason begins playing by itself. Just try to ignore it -- better yet, read my editorial introduction while it's playing -- that way you won't be missing much!

Enjoy yourselves, everybody, and have a good read! And remember, as always, we treasure your feedback -- so tell us what we're doing right, tell us what we're doing wrong, or just tell us how you're feeling today.


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