Winner of the Mefune Akira Trailer Competition

The winner of the
Mefune Akira Trailer Competition

Congratulations Jorge!

Wear them proud!

Thank you again to Dulci, act3scene24, Asaoleary123, BenTuttle90, Allpoint, EthanRunt, TehPoptartKid, Overman, Rik Vargard, Jakechief, Timothy_Richmond_3, FallenThomas, BricksFilms, RavensFan_09, Afro-Dude, Marine101 and Nahton for taking part in this fun project.
I hope you all had a little fun!

Thank you to the panel of secret judges, I know it wasn't easy.

Until next time!


Kate Fosk said...


act3scene24 said...

Thank you, Kate.
Any of the other Top 5 trailers could have easily won. I wouldn't be surprised if they just rolled a 5-sided die (is there suck a thing?).

act3scene24 said...

hehe, I said "suck", not a Freudian slip, I swear...

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