Kit's Advertising Competition

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Kit’s Advertising Competition 2009 Thread, Rules, Regulations and other stuff…

Hello folks, this is the second annual Advertising Competition. The rules are below.

•The entries must advertise a product, preferably something you have made up; as using your imagination would help make the pieces more entertaining.

•Do not use a movies trailer as an advert; this is not a trailer competition.

•Your entries can be of any length, shorter than the Lord of the Rings trilogy PLEASE!

•You can make as many entries to the competition as you want; but only one of your entries will make it into the secondary rounds.

•The entries can be of any genre.

•You can make your entries with any or all michinima tools.

•The movie MUST be uploaded to TMU.

•You can get help from others in the community in anyway.

•Please post a link on THIS THREAD, otherwise I might not see it.

•The day I am not accepting any more entries is the 1st of August.

•No bribes, unless I like your offering!

As last year here are some ideas to inspire you to make ad’s, if you can’t think of any other ideas:

•Insurance Advertisement
•Food Advertisement
•Car Advertisement

The prizes…

1st –
The first pick of the Mod prize, and the chance to do something fun on TMOA.

2nd –
The second pick of the Mod prize, and the knowledge that you’re not third!

3rd -
You get to take the unwanted Mod prize, and the knowledge that you’re the worst on the podium.

Because Mike’s computer(s) have crashed and Stvndysn is not able to use the internet for the time being, The Mod prizes are not with me.

Kit’s Advertising Competition 2008:

Last year I decided to announce an advertising competition on the 28th June; to be honest not a lot of planning had gone into it, but with a great deal of community help I made a successful competition. I can remember some of the praise from Ken, TPK, Hippieking, Ellis and Elbow.

Last year Sparky won the competition with “MUGAWAY” with Elbow a close second with “Pet Rest”. Last year Elbow was 3 points below Sparky in the competition, so it was very close indeed.

Last year’s podium was as follows:

1st Sparky1512 – MUGAWAY
2nd Elbow – Pet Rest No link available
3rd Howitzer – EZ Munnie
And a close 4th Any_inc with Warehouse Salesman

The victor’s title?

The last time I ran the competition I was wondering if I could have a good title for the winner, like Ethan is (or was) the Ultimate TMOer. I have come up with “Ad Champ” and “The Advertising Genius” if you can think of anything better, by any means let me know.

The MODs!

Due to the Mods not being here on time I have listed them.

MOD 1 – Two Bonsai trees, one the size of a shrub in the game, another is about half the size.

MOD 2 – A yellow and red dodgem (bumper car).

MOD 3 – A new Godzilla costume.

Stvndysn was making the Dodgem, Mike was working on the other two mods.

Thank you for reading; now start advertising!


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