Movies on the Horizon

There are some fantastic machinima movies on the horizon from the TMUnderground community, as demonstrated by the recently released teasers described below.

"This is a promo to show the new makeup created for the Grays. Since they supposedly been involved with humankind for centuries, I thought I would meddle with them and give you a quick glimpse."

"A small second teaser for my next film..
It also doubles up as a poem I wrote specifically with this project in mind.

Headphones or Surround Speakers Recommended for intimate experience"

"Backstory and preview of the first serial in under three minutes and thirty seconds!"

"Teaser trailer for the upcoming machinima short, "Indiana Jones and the Gray Ghost"


Deepspace transmitters have picked up this distress signal from a local merchant ship. Though pirate and terrorists activities have been reported in the area, sensor reports and video analysts list a high probability of an unknown hostile entity.

CS Firestar last transmitted ship records are as follows..."


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