Been hoping to find your own copy of The Movies?

Feral Interactive is offering The Movies Superstar Edition:

"Lights! Camera! Action! You’re the decision-maker on everything from budget to production in The Movies: Superstar Edition.

This special edition features not only the original BAFTA-award winning The Movies game and the Stunts & Effects expansion pack, but also composer Dan Pemberton’s BAFTA-nominated music, which mimics a wide range of styles - from silent movie piano ditties to soaring, John Williams-esque orchestral pieces - as he traces a century of cinema."

If you decide to take the plunge, there are two sites that will prove to be invaluable for both learning the software and learning how to expand the software beyond what it was originally intended to do:

TMUnderground (an offbranch of The Movies Online - the majority of TMO users ended up migrating here with the official ending of the Online portion)
DCMF Modding (the word "limitations" is not in this groups' vocabulary)


Cathy said...

So did Feral Interactive buy the rights/product from LionHead Studio or are they just fronting for them? Or perhaps they *ARE* them? LOL

Norrie said...

Erm, Feral Interactive ported the game across to the Mac.
The above is an Apple only product (oh, and lip synch doesn't work)

TMUnderground said...

It's a good thing someone reads the fine print! Thanks Norrie.

Norrie said...

Helping others is my only reward – for I am "Apple Mac Man!!!!!"
(ahem, sorry about that)

Still worth mentioning though, there are a few Mac Moviestorm users that this may interest.

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