Celebrating 1 year of TMUnderground

Yes, we've survived our first year...

The actual date of birth of TMUnderground is open to interpretation.

It was July 21st when I made the decision to do this. The name was chosen by Tarison, who I was chatting with while looking for software to run the site - I needed a domain name, he suggested tmunderground.com. Sounded good to me.

On July 22nd, I emailed a chosen group of filmmakers and TMO community members (AND, Jase180, postmodernchuck, Trewill, Sisch, Dulci, Sparky, Norrie, and Tarison) to tell them about it and solicit some of their work to "seed" the site with what I considered outstanding examples of what we'd been doing at TMO. I also mentioned it to Roger and Monk, and Monk immediately began uploading 50 some-odd Security Guards in Space movies....I think he was making new ones while uploading the previous ones...Roger, of course, decided to make a soft-core porn short to allegedly "publicize" the site.

On July 27th, we announced the public opening of the site on the Roger and Ken Show.

So irregardless of the actual date, it was around now - 4th week of July, 2008. These forums came two weeks later.

What we're going to do on TMOA for the next three weeks (during our extended birthday celebration) is look at TMUnderground, where we've been, what we've accomplished, and where we can go in the future - on the movie site, the forums, and even beyond. Yes, there is a beyond, and I may mention it on the show tomorrow. Or not.

For this first week, we're hoping to talk as much as possible with as many members as possible - no long interviews, just short visits. How folks came to be here, why they're still here, what do they like, what don't they like, where they'd like to see us go in the next year (and "to hell" is a perfectly acceptable answer to that last item). I'm going to be sending out PMs and emails today to some of the members I'd really like to hear from, but we'll also be trolling the chatroom and my Skype contacts looking for voices as well.

Hopefully many of you will want to pop in briefly and give your opinions - the members make this community what it is, and we want to hear from you.

I'm working on something "special" for week two of the celebration, and week three will be about the future - what we can do better, what we can do more, even what we can do less.

Of course, just because we're having this little jubilee doesn't mean you'll escape the regular crap we call entertainment in Roger and Ken world. So you'll get some BS, some birthdays, some announcements, a chatroom shoutout, Monk and company doing what they do with Rednecks Massacre Cinema, and so on. (After his Florida vacation, Rposhard is taking a brief respite from Reel Discoveries, and will return with them in a few weeks...I swear, I did not hit him that hard...)

The fun and frolic begins at 2 pm Eastern, 7 pm in the UK, 8 pm in Europe, and "who the hell knows but it's still dark" in Australia. To listen, go to the TMOA website, and select the 32K or 64K stream on the right, depending on how much fun your ears can process at once.

You can also visit TMOA Birthday Central (aka the TMOA chatroom) where the lovely JudyAnn88 will be handing out party favors, lighting the giant Roman Candle on the birthday cake and banning anyone who doesn't seem to be having fun. It is, after all, a celebration, so you better be there to celebrate....though not to spam. Judy hates spam. She doesn't like it fried, in a sandwich, or with a birthday candle stuck in it.

See you all there...well, some of you....okay, whoever shows....



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