A Triple Premier!

From religious dieties to 3-bean salad, complex love triangles to power braking, classic yellow big wheels, all truly good things come in threes.

Such is the case at TMUTheater this Friday, January 29th at 3pm (PST), when RJAnaconda, JosephKW and TheBiz unleash a triple threat of moviemaking whoopass on you and your loved ones.

First up JosephKW's "The Creeping Flesh" is part Horror, part comedy aaannd a sneak peak at his upcoming "The Calling". As Joseph says, "this is one not to miss! And I rarely say that".

Nestled snugly in the middle is thebiz's short "The Genie and the Trashman". Something approximating a silent, modern fable, its biz's homage to german expressionist flicks like "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" and "Metropolis" (as well as too TMO's own Trashman who was himself accomplished in the genre...ala utarefsoN).

Capping things off is RJAnaconda's "Perfect Chaos". Featuring an enormous cast, this epic anime styled sci-fi action flick will have you on edge from start to finish and leave you begging for more.

All 3 Premier Friday, January 29th at 3pm (PST) only at TMUTheater. So be there or be prepared to live with the regret!


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