TMOA 4th Anniversary Live 24 Hour Spectacular

Yes, every year it comes around, and every year I dread it just a little bit more.

Because this Sunday, February 14, from midnight Saturday night Eastern to midnight Sunday night Eastern, Roger will be my special Valentine as we spend 24 live hours together doing the:

TMOA 4th Anniversary Spectacular!

Yes, indeed, 24 straight live hours of thrills, chills, interviews, spiced by potential sleep deprivation hysteria and possible loss of control of bodily functions.

You'll hear from TMOA show hosts. You'll hear from filmmakers, musicians, voice actors, and community figures that don't seem to fall into any of the above categories.

There will be special events, including Rposhard's Oscar Throwdown.

During the 23 breaks, you will be hearing my thoughts on the 23 different shows that have graced the airwaves of TMOA over the past 4 years, some running now, some remembered by myself (vaguely) and perhaps the show hosts and nobody else.


As those who've run this marathon with us before already know, if you can manage to stay up with Roger and myself throughout the entire 24 hours, you will win yourself a nice little prize. To be eligible, you must either be in the chatroom or let Roger know via Skype when we do our random "are you there" checks. Miss one and we assume you're sleeping, and because we can't, we hate you for it and cross you off the list. And please, do not overdose on energy drinks and candy in an attempt to keep your eyes open - Ben Tuttle knocked on death's door while doing that last year, and we can't be held responsible should you die during the show. I'm just saying....

It'll be fun. Well, for the listeners. For us...depending on how "wacky" Roger gets, I might have some fun too.

Midnight, Saturday night February 13 to midnight, Sunday night February 14th Eastern. 9 pm Saturday to 9 pm Sunday Pacific. 5 am Sunday - 5 am Monday in the UK. 6 am Sunday - 6 am Monday in Europe. Other timezones...figure it out for yourself.

I'm just hoping that I will be able to get some sleep before the show and not be on Hour 43 when the show ends, like last year.

Be there or be smart!



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