TMOA Radio Ad Contest

Its Time for.....

You remember Larry Tate don't you? He was Daren's Boss at the Ad Agency McMann and Tate, on the TV Show "Bewitched". In the Five Years, and Two Darens, Larry never wrote an ad copy of his own.. and yet.. His name was on the Letter Head of the Company!
In his memory we present the
Late Great Larry Tate Radio Ad Contest!

All you have to do is produce a 30 to 90 second Ad for anything you want!
One of your movies... Sell your Talents as a Voice Actor...
Promote a Public Service Announcement! Its up to you!

And Prizes... If Im throwing a contest... Of course there are Prizes! ... to be named later in this Thread... Expect Gift Certificates and Pussynibbles Tshirts

You have until February 28th to email your ad to me,

And we will be playing all Your Commercials on the TMOA Programming as we receive them!

Anybody and Everybody is invited to participate. Winners will be announced in March!

Now its up to you. So Get busy and enter NOW!

The Late Great Larry Tate Radio Ad Contest....


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