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The Second Annual Ollies

Yes, folks! It’s that time again! Ollie time! (Cue bad MCHammer impression).

TMU’s premiere awards are back for their second year; after such a great reception last time, we’re gonna try to go bigger and better this year!

For those who weren’t around last year, the process is simple; we are looking for everyone (for indeed YOU, as the viewing public, will be the "members of the Academy" in these awards) to place their votes for the award categories below; everyone gets a vote and the winners will be chosen based on the total number of votes tallied for each category. This way, the community speaks, and the winners will be those voted for BY the community as a whole.

You can Nominate those films, series, actors, modders, directors, writers, musicians, etc, that qualify in the Nomination Phase. This phase will give us our shortlist of candidates for the Voting Phase which will determine the final winners of the coveted 2010 Ollies!


Nomination Procedure
1) Visit the online form (You may wish to print out a hard copy of this form and plan your nominations offline (as sadly you cannot save a partially completed form), then come back and complete the actual nomination process later).

2) Fill in your TMU forum name in the space provided.

3) Enter your nomination for each category against the category name.
Extra note: you CANNOT leave lines blank on the form; you must enter either the required data or “----“ to be able to submit the form.

4) Submit the form (or PM me or Tom the list if for some reason you cannot get the form to load or work). The votes will be tallied after the deadline, and the nominees and winners will be listed before the Voting Round begins.

Any questions please feel free to ask Mr Fospherous (AKA Tom “Organiser” Foster), who will be happy to field any queries you have (provided they’re not the ones about :-

  1. where babies come from,
  2. how many beans make five,
  3. “two trains start from New York and Chicago...”,
  4. how K4 has stayed alive since before the birth of Man or
  5. What is Roger (no-one knows the answer to that question…).
Please note that both Tom and I are exempt from personal nomination for ANY of these awards to ensure fair play, so DON'T vote for either of us (yeah; like you would... ).

However, if you feel so inclined, you MAY vote for other individuals who contributed to any of our movies in the relevant categories (i.e performers, etc) over the last 12 months. No reason the poor buggers who agreed to work with us should be given short shrift, says we!

The "Ollies" Rules
1) One vote per registered TMU member (you must include your screen-name at the top of your voting form). You MUST be a registered TMU member to have your nominations and votes count towards this year’s awards.

2) You must complete as many categories on the list as you can (i.e. no voting for “Best Picture” and leaving the rest blank, for example; if you honestly can't think of a movie/director/writer etc, that fits a category, then fill in "-----" and move on, but PLEASE try to complete as many as you can. I'm sure everyone here can complete at least 90-95% of the form without breaking much of a sweat).

Nominations that only contain entries for best actor, director and movie, though (as an example), will be unlisted in the final tally.

3) To qualify for nomination, the listed movie(s) must have been released on TMU between 22 July 2009 and 21 July 2010 (either via direct upload or embedding from another hosting site).

Movies that are hosted/uploaded to other sites, which have NOT been embedded on the movie site, do not qualify (i.e. forum posts pointing to movies hosted off-site, for example).

As the Movie site now lists movies by date uploaded, its’s easy to see whether a film qualifies or not. Please check before submitting, as any movie that falls outside these dates will NOT be entered into the nomination count.

A reminder; only movies uploaded direct or embedded on the TMUnderground Movie Site between 22 July 2009 and 21 July 2010 are acceptable nomination candidates.

In real terms, this means if you look at the "last Added" tab on the movie site and look back to Page 151, the allowable movies start with Sanctions "More Mods July 09" and end at nkstudios05 "Stranded - Music Video"; all movies uploaded between those two (inclusive) are eligible for this years nominations.

4) All completed lists must be submitted by 12:00 midnight, UK time on 21 August 2010.

5) You CANNOT nominate yourself or your own movies for ANY categories; you can only nominate ANOTHER community member; self-nominations will be disqualified.

6) No canvassing for votes will be allowed; anyone caught doing so will be DISQUALIFIED from nomination. You can, however, refresh the communities memory by placing a “For Your Consideration” thread in the specially created forum (more on that when it appears later today!)

7) Please follow the format as requested after each category (i.e. BEST PICTURE format: Movie/Series - Director); submissions that do not follow the requested format will be disregarded. The nominations will be tallied, and the top three nominees in each category will go forward to the Voting Phase.

A list of the final nominees will be posted between 22 Aug and 31 Aug for the Voting Phase to commence on 1 September 2010.

The form for this will become available after the Nomination Phase has finished.

The Voting Phase will last until 30 September 2010.

Final winners will be announced on the Ollies Award Shows on TMOA that will take place in October (date TBC).

The coveted OLLIE AWARD prop (only available to Ollie Winners), available in Movies, Moviestorm and iClone format (courtesy of the multi-talented duo Mr MikeDeBoing and Mr MarvellousGuppiMovies!)

Satisfaction (your movie/series, sound design, modding etc, will have been judged by your peers in the "industry" as being exemplary and worthy of recognition by the Filmic Collective ((C) 2009 Norrie Sinclair) as a whole; no mean feat, that!)

Further prizes to be confirmed (hopefully there will be a couple of nice ones; stay tuned to this thread to find out what!).

If you are not sure of names (i.e. for things like the Composer category, for example), contact the filmmaker in question for the name (this is one reason why you should always use proper crediting for mods, VOs and music, folks!)

Please note neither categories nor rules are subject to negotiation.

And remember: these are YOUR awards; vote for the films, directors, writers, etc, who YOU think best encapsulate the spirit of the community.

Once again, you have until 12:00 midnight GMT on 21 August 2010 to get the first round nominations in. Once these are in and tallied, we will produce the final nominees for the second round votes; submission guidelines for this will be posted after Round One.

And, above all, have fun!

Looking forward to seeing how the voting turns out!

Let the nominations commence!

The 2010 Ollies Nomination Form

We've received some great prizes from Moviestorm and thank them for their support.


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