Graphic: A Risky Business Premieres Today

When an evil magician begins to incubate his new army, its up to a ex-cop, a priest, a vampire, a ghost, a blind girl, and a man from another planet to stop him before he creates havoc in the universe.

Directed by Nick Blacketer
Visualfx, Editing, Sound Design by D.L. Watson
Starring: Don Moore, Nick Pemble, Nick Brooks, Chris White, Kristen Lee, Ryan Gregg, Doug Aguirre, Corbin Studer, and D.L. Watson

Premieres Sunday September 26th, 2010 at 9:00am PST/ 12:00pm EST/ 5:00pm UK. It will have a repeat showing the same day at 4:15pm PST/ 7:15pm EST/ and 12:15am UK (September 27th).

And don't forget to come early to check out Nick Blacketer's "Epic Comedies" short films, one of which stars the excellent TMU voice-actor Emerald Edge.


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