Ken and Roger 10 Hour New Years Extravangza

The Ken and Roger Show
10 hour New Years Extravaganza
With Monk

Ken has returned from his trip with the aliens and seems fine except for the funny walk. I asked him if it was true what they say about aliens doing the anal probing and he gave me a stare that could kill a fly at 10 paces and said "Do you want me to demonstrate what they did? Huh? Do you, do you huh? If not then get running fat boy!"

So I decided not to press the matter any further and left to go do some laundry. I might add that I only left as fast as I did as I had some very urgent laundry especially the trousers I was wearing.

Anyway we have a show.

Being the New Years special we will be reviewing 2010 and would like to ask as many of you sweet people to come on the show as possible. We would also like to ask the not so sweet and the absolutely undesirable ones to drop by too. If you are reading this or have been told that I said this, then you are not one of the undesirable ones. It's that other guy, OK?

So if you want to come on the show either contact Ken or myself before or during the show, you can also contact Monk during the show as he will likely be running the boards unless he escapes from his cage.

I know it my seem cruel to keep a grown man in a cage, but we are talking about Monk here and we are thinking of everyone's safety. The last think that anyone wants is Monk running amok in public, I mean at the very least it might cause a major diplomatic incident not too dissimilar from the Cuban missile crisis, and we all know how bad that could have turned out, right?

BTW does anyone know how to get some really stubborn stains out of trousers?

Plus we'll have all the regular BS, Rednecks Massacre Cinema with The Monk. RPO will be doing his preview of 2011 movie releases.

The show begins at 2 pm Eastern, 7 pm in the UK, 8 pm in Europe, and the early hours of Monday morning along the western side of the Pacific Rim. Why not head over to the TMOA website Where you can find the show streams or you can click one of the handy links below.

Links to streams

You can also listen from the TMUTheater.

Don't forget you can hang out with your friends and fellow film makers in the TMOA chatroom.



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