The MachinimUAW III: Journeys Review

Tthe Spotlight (Radio Show) will host a special broadcast
fri 5/20/11 4pm PST/ 7pm EST
Sat 5/21/11 12pm PST/ 3pm EST

Sponsored by AviewTV & TMUndrground

This event is a review of the MachinimUWA III Journeys
contest entries...50 submissions will be watched & reviewed... Live in Second Life & on TMU Radio. Each hour will contain a panel of expert
Machinima Film makers from various platforms.

Some scheduled panelists include AnimaTechnica, Ben Tuttle, Chris62, Danielle McRae, FallopianFedora, Grouchobeer Harrison Heller, Macweymss, RGR, Wytchwhisper and Shirley Martin.

On Day 2
Hour 1 will be co sponsored by: The DCMF Modding hour
Hour 2: The Storm Hour

You can go to to see the submissions


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