Music Videos - A great way to experiment with new software

As more and more members of TMUnderground expand their horizons into other machinima programs, it seems that the favorite form of experimentation is making music videos.

There's a few reasons for this: 1) Music lends itself to experimental movement; 2) Investing a full script on a program you're learning can be frustrating because you're learning as you're creating, and you can lose the track of what you were envisioning for the movie; 3) Oh, yeah - and they are fun to make!

Using iclone3, we've seen :

Whatever Lola Wants Music Video Whatever Lola Wants... From: Dulcilicious

Crystal Night Crystal Night From: Dulcilicious

From MovieStorm:

Bitchin Bitchin From: sisch

TMOA Idol Contest Autumn Leaves TMOA Idol Contest Autumn... From: sisch

And from SecondLife:

Activ8 Me Lover Activ8 Me Lover From: rogerSIMIAN

TMOA Idol Mr Simian's Wild thing TMOA Idol Mr... From: rogerSIMIAN


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