It's the return of FoDooG!

For us old-time TMO'ers, the sudden appearance of FoDooG (under the name Flaneur) on TMUnderground is exciting news indeed! Their classic TMO movies Showdown in Foggytown and Come On! have made a triumphant return - and the talent of this group has stood the test of time, because who can resist the unique voiceovers, original music, and overall playful feel of these fellas?

Check them out here: FoDooG aka Flaneur


Overman said...

Yay! I really love these guys' work. Dare we expect more films?

TMUnderground said...

I certainly hope so

David said...

I am from GoyoToPro, someone who recently made contact with FoDooG and the original trilogy are being relaunched on my youtube channel. ( Straight from a DVD he sent us. Please help us in showing your support.

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