Infidelitas Wins Horror Categry TMO/TMU Tournament

Trewill's movie Infidelitas has come off victorious in the first category of thebiz's TMO/TMU Tournament of Champions. Trewill describes this movie as...

The wages of our sins can extract a heavy toll. For Detective Jimmy Dunkel, a veteran of the Violent Crime Unit of Metro City, the price of his transgressions could cost him his friendships, his marriage, and ultimately his soul. With dark forces gathering strength all around him, Jimmy is caught in the midst of an ageless war between good and evil that is about to erupt. Will the love of his friends and family be enough to persuade him to salvage his life? Or will he discover that darkness is not an instant decision, but rather a journey wrought with poor choices and sin. From director Trewill7, comes the story of Jimmy Dunkel's tragic fall before the "Last Rites" are ever spoken.

The 7 nominations his movie defeated were: JosephKW's Dark Tides of Innsmouth , Trashman's utarefsoN, Babar's Panic Radio, Corinthian's Apollyon, and Jase180's Sola Fide.

Details on the Tournament can be found here.

Next up is Comedy.


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