TMU Does Music

The latest craze soaring through TMUnderground is Music, Music, Music!

We are entering the third and final round of the TMOA Idol Contest. Each contestant has chosen 2 songs from a pre-selected list, along with a third "wild card" choice. As their submissions are played lived on TMOA Radio, commentators provide instant feedback. Voting is left to the listening audience. Downloads of the first two rounds can be found here.

This competition has spurned a whilrwind of music videos on TMU - some simply showcases for the song, others more in-depth offerings.

On top of the contest, Jase180 has finished casting for his upcoming work, a variation of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Additionally, our resident songbird Sisch has taken a professional view of singing, as can be seen/listened to in some of her movies as well as Norrie's.


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