LNEYME 3 Competition

The 3rd Lionhead Named Em, You Make Em Competition was announced by RavensFan09 this morning. As he tells us:

So, yes, the rules...

  • The preferred movie length is from 2-20 minutes. No penalties will be given for going over/under, but please try to keep it within the limit.
  • If you decide to make multiple films for the comp, you must choose one to officially enter.
  • VO's and/or subs are accepted as well as silent movies.
  • Genre doesn't matter as long as the movie ties into the title.
  • Movies uploaded to either TMO or TMU will be accepted.
  • Outside edited films will be allowed to make for a more even playing field, but films using machinima other than The Movies will be accepted.
  • If you have entered in previous LNEYME's, you can still enter this one.

The deadline will be December 13, but extensions will be allowed if asked for. Judging should take place a few days after the deadline, extension or not.

There will be 5 titles for you all to choose from this year, and they are:
  • Petey's Vendetta
  • On Another Planet
  • The Man in the Cheap Suit
  • The Thingy
  • The Life & Times of Bill Mills

Signing up for the competition in advance is to be done according to the rules posted here.


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