Odyssey Finale Released by Killian

The much anticipated Odyssey Finale has been released in 4 installments by Killian. The excellent script-writing and directing done by Killian is enhanced by the mods implemented and the performances by a stellar cast of voiceactors.

President Mckinley prepares for her historic address... unaware that forces that have been waiting for 10 years are about to make their move...

Watch Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.


Biggstrek: Vice President Valinko Kirev
Dulci: President Ellen McKinley
Goofparade: Captain Mark Ryan
Jase180: Nicholas Van Meyer
JetCityWoman: Captain Sarah Dixon
JosephKW: Lieutenant Commander Steven Leyland
Kwistufa: Lieutenant Alan Nolan/ Ambassador Grath - Canis Voices
Kuroken: Admiral Donald Carpenter
Lanna: Eva Salvatore/ Irate Female Cai-Tar Officer (Audience Hall)
Sisch: Commander Rachel Albrecht/ Mystery Woman
Sparky1512: Lieutenant Carl Harper
TheBiz: Lieutenant Commander Gideon Frost
Ubernewbie: Admiral Ian Munro
Chris62: Agent Richards/Security Agent
Killian: All the other voices not already mentioned


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