The Movies Review Archive

As of December 5th, 2008, Lionhead Studios closed down The Movies Online. The Movies Online (TMO) had run for just a little over three years, and had collected more than 145,000 movies from over 32,000 filmmakers. During that time, many working relationships were born between filmmakers, voice actors, musicians, and other artists. The many memories and substantial history that was TMO lives on in this archive of movie descriptions and reviews.

This archive was generated by a custom web crawler that ran almost continuously for the final three weeks prior to The Movies Online being shut down. While it was unable to gather the movies themselves, it did gather the majority of the movie descriptions, reviews, and thumbnail images.


Special Thanks to Norrie for hosting The Movies Review Archive on the TMO in Hi-Res web site! The website was generated by Riley Entertainment, using a custom Java program.

Thank you for saving this part of our history Riley - the comments we've received on our movies over the years are a treasure!


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