12 movies of Christmas

Currently featured on TMUnderground are thebiz's picks for the must-see 12 movies of Christmas. Well, ok, there's 11 shown now and on December 25th the final 12th will be spotlighted.

Now showing:

The Clarks: Holiday Greeting by act3scene24
Mezmeros Grim X-Mas by JohnnyEx
What I love about Xmas by Overman
Pines and Needles by Yogurt King
A Fantasy Christmas Music Video by iiclone
Satanic Beatniks in Love by Atomic Robot
Barney's Holiday Extravaganza by grouchobeer
Ginger Lincoln and the Antics of Evil by Synnah
Holy Night by pigboss
It's a Bloody Wonderful Life by BudBundysMullet
Santa Claus is Coming...for you! by tmunderg

To view these movies watch here.


Overman said...

Hey, thanks for inclusion in this list! I'm honored.

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