Poetry in Machinima

There is certainly room for expression of poetry using machinima tools, and this week we have decided to spotlight some of these endeavors on TMUnderground.

The Chaos Cycle by reepicheep is described as being a representation of how our world is in a continuous cycle of chaos.

Her Name by bongoman integrates music with imagery to create a stunning sensory experience. He did this using one 4-minute camera shot in Blender.

If I Were Going by animatechnica is in the unique genre of sci-fi poetry. More poems by the author can be found here.

Apollyon by Corinthian was one of the 10 videos selected for the Warrington Film Festival.

Awakening by Dulci was visualized for a contest with the theme "One day I woke up dead."

The Merciless Sun by Mericc is a western poem narrated beautifully by Lizard3209.

The Creepy Clown Visits by Tie is chillingly performed.

Ode to Norrie by Riott007 is like no other ode you've heard before.

To Eros by PostModernChuck is adapted from the poem by Wildfred Owen and showcases why PMC is held in high esteem by so many members of the TMU community. (come back Chuck!)


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