Machinimods supports modding for some of the more popular machinima tools with easy to use filters to help you find what you are looking for. This includes sets, props, costumes, overlays, and music.

The modders (82 contributors currently) have contributed their work at no charge to anyone; however, as always, Honor Thy Modder is a good motto to follow - credit these hard-working people in your movies if you use their work! And a thank you never hurts.

To date there are 459 Mods available for TheMovies and MovieStorm. There is a section available for iclone content but as of this posting no iclone specific content has been uploaded.

Uploading mods is easy and instant. Anyone can upload. Visit the upload page to register. Machinimods does not retain any rights or ownership to the content provided by the artists. All contributors are free to control their own content.

For more information, please visit this thread.


HRUSH said...

I have just joined this site and I want to post a few sets i have made for moviestorm using Sketchup ...and possibly browse others mods . I see that you mention that the mods are free to download and upload ..however I see absolutely no links anywhere to users mods sets or props ?? How can i share my creations on this site for others to use? and visa versa? the link above that says (for more information visit this thread) No longer exists ??

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