Third Anniversary of The Movies On Air Radio - 24 Hour Show

A message from Ken/Kuroken of the Roger & Ken show about the February 15th show...

The Third Anniversary of The Movies On Air Radio!

On February 19th, 2006, TMOA opened with me saying the immortal words, "And I'm thinking that we're live." Not quite "What hath God wrought", as Sam Morse said upon sending the first telegraph signal, but hey, he wasn't in a Virtual Studio with Roger either....

Since then, we've done a 24 Hour live show every year to commemorate that fateful day that will live in infamy.

This year, the 3rd Anniversary falls on February 15th, and so the show runs during the entirety of February 15th (at least in the Eastern time zone), and begins, as always, at midnight Saturday night - then runs to midnight Sunday night...that's all Eastern time - for Roger and other foreign devils in the UK, it's 5am Sunday to 5 am Monday, 6 am to 6 am in Europe, and Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon in Australia and across the Pacific Rim.

The shows are normally pretty free-form in nature - we have half a dozen scheduled guests that come in as they become available - most, if not all, TMOA show hosts make an appearance at one point or another - others who have been part of our community for the past three years pop in - and we also bully people in the chatroom at random when we have some free time, and drag them in.

I'll be posting more about guests as we finalize the scheduled guest list in the next few days - I know this year, for the first time, we'll have MovieStormers and iCloners coming in to talk about their films, along with The Movies directors, voice actors, musicians, etc.

And we'll have our regular segments like Rednecks Massacre Cinema with Monk (perhaps multiple times), an extra special Reel Discovery with Rposhard and DennisBazeley. recently returned to the community, and announcements, birthdays, and other stuff.

I will also mention that we do give special prizes, worth real money, to those who stay for the entire 24 hours. In year 1, it was only Marv and Mrs. Guppi. In year 2, we had the TMOA Six:

Mrs. Guppi

Who will be insane enough to stay with us in our hours of need this year (and btw, there's no way to pretend - we do regular chatroom shoutouts at random times, and if you're in the running, and plan to go the distance, you must indicate that you're still conscious - a Skype message to Roger and myself also works if you don't want to be in chat) And the bigger question, how many of them will lose control of their bladders and bowels by the end of the show, like Roger does?

So more info as it becomes available - mark it on your calendar, tune in, call in, have fun - somebody has to.

The show begins, as already mentioned, at midnight Eastern, 5 am in the UK, 6 am in Europe, and Sunday afternoon in Australia. To listen, select the 32K or 64K stream at the TMOA website.

And the chatroom will be open, with a 2 drink minimum, for you to hang out and stare at each other, wondering "why am I here?" - the answer, of course, will be so you can bask in the beauty of the lovely JudyAnn88, and enjoy the love she has for everyone who plays nice in the sandbox.

I'll update as we get closer.



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