Great Lineup for 4/26/09 Roger & Ken Show

As we bid a fond farewell to TMOA Saturday programming as we've known it for the past three years, all I can think about is the nausea I feel from one of the most disgusting meals I've consumed in some time.

But I digress....

Hey, ho, let's go! Big big big show tomorrow, and the more I tell you about it, the less I dwell on the fact that at one point, I looked to my right to see my waitress making a hunched run for the bathroom, dodging customers like a football player dodging blockers on his charge for the goal.

Capemedia - A longtime TMOer who moved on to iClone a year and a half ago, and whose Sword Dance was the film that started me down to road to iClone use. Cape has a new movie coming out tomorrow called Angels v Demons, which I've seen and enjoyed - your seeing and enjoyment will start tomorrow. We'll be chatting with Cape about his filmmaking and about the super neat home studio that he's spent the past 6 months constructing - and we'll even be playing some of his music in breaks.

Killian - also known as Mr. Odyssey, Homer, or just Big O, Killian has, in-between scripting War of the Worlds and voice acting, managed to get the second episode of Odyssey, Season One released. Called Prophet Motive, it features great performances, terrific visuals, and the inevitably complex and fascinating scripting he's known for. We'll have Mr. Fabulous in tomorrow to grill about how he's so productive, and why what he produces is so gosh-darn good. I'm guessing dynamic tension, like Charles Atlas. Tense..release....tense...release...

Ubernewbie and Tinman - (I don't actually call him Tinman - when I was growing up, he was always K4, the loveable Tinman of TMO...) - Uber brings home the second part of Conquest: Artifact, and my, isn't it a good one - we'll be talking to Uber about the film, K4 about what this all means to the Conquest universe that he created, and Roger about what kind of bad mushrooms he ate before he reviewed Artifact Part 2...

Did I mention that the waitress was named Bianca, had a thick accent, and may have just come from visiting family in Mexico City, where a swine flu epidemic is sweeping the city and will eventually cover the world, leaving a few pitiful survivors to scratch out an existence, hiding by night from the vampires as in Richard Matheson's I Am Legend (not the crapola Will Smith movie of the same name)

Also tomorrow we'll have theMonk with another special pre-recorded Rednecks Massacre Cinema, Rposhard with a Reel Discovery (undoubtedly rivaling Rednecks Massacre Cinema in specialness), and myself and Roger, the specialists of specialness, who will entertain you with some of the most amazing and barely listenable crap that you could possibly imagine. You will pray for death.

Sound like a fun way to wile away a Sunday afternoon? If so, mark your calendars. It begins at 2 pm Eastern, 7 pm in the UK, 8 pm in Europe, and a time I can't mention in Australia because if I do and I'm wrong, Uber has promised I won't see another sunrise. To listen, head over to the TMOA website and select any of the four streams you have available to you.

And if you need refuge from the swine flu plague, you will find it in the TMOA chatroom. JudyAnn88 will issue you a surgical mask upon entering the chatroom, which will do nothing to help, but will make you feel "proactive". And should you cough, sneeze, or show any other signs of illness, Judy will smite you where you stand and throw your body into the burning pit along with the other victims. You will probably be mostly dead and feel nothing, and if not, the crackling of the flames will keep your screams from disturbing the happy healthy listeners in the chatroom.

Seeya tomorrow.



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