Join the 7 Deadly Sins Community Project

The 7 Deadly Sins Community Project is still open for submissions


Here are the community teams so far:

1. TheBiz, Dulci & Act3Scene24

2. TehPoptartKid and EthanRunt

3. RPO and Jakechief


Reach out and get involved in this fun project! Just contact other TMU members you would like to work with and get those pitches to us asap!

Nine days to go!

1) This is a group project, so the first thing to think about is whom you would like to group with. A ‘group’ is 2 or more people. Voice actors and musicians are not counted as group members.
2) Nominate a spokes person for this group – this just makes things easier for us
3) You can be in more than one group but can not perform the same role. (E.g. if I was writing in Dulci’s group then I could not also write in Ken’s group, but I could direct or do PP in Ken’s group)
4) Decide which Sins you are interested in basing your production on and then formulate a pitch explaining your basic premise, theme etc.
5) You must pitch for a minimum of 3 Sins (to ensure we get a movie made for each one) but can pitch for all 7 if you want. Pitches and grouping details should be made in private to Sparky (on TMUnderground forum) or MefuneAkira by pm and should be ranked in order of preference (1 being your top choice etc)
6) Once all of the pitches are in (there will be a deadline for this) We will start making offers to the groups based on your pitches. Ultimately we’ll have 7 groups making 7 movies each based on a Sin theme that they have pitched for
7) Then once we have agreed deadlines with the 7 groups, each movie will be showcased (not sure how and where yet) one per night over the course of a week. A dedicated panel of community members (to be decided) will provide comments on each aspect of the movies – a bit like a review panel.
8) Movies MUST be original works. This means no remakes, adaptations or submitting one of your ongoing projects because it seems to ‘fit’.
9) Movies can be made in Iclone The Movies or Moviestorm or game capture. No RL movies, this is a machinima project.

Now, it doesn’t matter weather you believe in God, religion, or indeed if the 7 sins are even ‘sins’ – it is a theme base for a 7 movie series, so the movies don’t have to be pro-religion etc.

The whole idea is to use the Sin as a theme for the movie and explore whatever aspects of it you want from there. There is no real guide to content but we’d look for premises that are original, interesting and well thought out based on the theme of the project.

We're offering an extension to the pitching deadline until the end of this month - New deadline for all pitches is 1st May. Those groups that have already submitted, your pitches are being looked at over the coming week and you will be hearing from us shortly.

So, if you have been trying to decide whether or not to get involved - now is the time. Step up to the plate and make yourselves known. I guarantee there are other community members out there wanting to form or be a part of a group for this project.


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