Moviewood E Issue #59

Break out the champagne! Gather the kiddies around! It's time for another joyful issue of Moviewood-E Magazine! Delve into our many pages of thought-provoking articles and entertainment. Here's some of what you'll find in this month's issue:

*An informative article about modding, Moviestorm style!
*An in-depth interview with Shayne Dude about his upcoming grindhouse drive-in double feature!
*Part two of CraigKs article about movie music -- the dos and don'ts!
*Uncle Monk's advice on the glories of growing old -- an absolute must-read for those of us on the cusp!
*Reviews, previews, news of upcoming contests, cartoons and much much more!

So why wait? Rush on down to your local virtual newsstand and pick up your latest copy! It's free! And it carries a money back guarantee if you aren't entertained! That means none of us loses any money! It doesn't get any better than that! Best of all, you won't even get your feet wet unless you read it in the shower (NOT recommended)!

So forget about the dancing stars, I have it on good authority House will cure his patient, videotape Heroes and just take it for granted that Jack Bauer will save the world (again). Instead, spend a relaxing Monday evening with us at -- the only magazine that doesn't have a half dozen of those subscription cards falling out of it every time you open it.

Enjoy the read!


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