The Grey People - Chapter II

Moonlight Pictures has released the much anticipated second chapter to their The Grey People series.

The Grey People - Chapter II: Remnants of the Past
The Grey People - Chapter II Remants of The Past

The Pathopens Project has begun and the world has changed...

Nick Stratum awakens from cryo-sleep to find everything that he knew and loved is gone. He must now survive the harsh environment while searching for any traces of intelligent life. Are there other survivors or is he the last man on earth...

Starring Nathan Allen Pinard, Faires Rivers, and Simone Schleu. Written and Directed by D.L. Watson; adapted from the short story written by Nick Blacketer.

"Terrific work D.L.! Captivating sequel with state of the art visuals, and mods."

"Great work with the use of this engine, mixed with some dedicated use of outside editting to provide a polished look and feel. The story was engrossing and the atmosphere was absorbing."


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