Pinhead Competition

Welcome to the launch of 5th anniversary Pinhead project, the 7th project in total. For those of new to Pinhead, welcome! Please take some time to read up on Pinhead's history on the website. For those returning, you will be very intrigued with Pinhead's latest outing.

The rules are fairly simple.

1) Create a video Prominently starring Pinhead doing anything job related or job searching.

2) Video should be a minimum of 1 minute long and no longer than 5 minutes. We suggest 2 minutes as ideal.

3) There are several prizes to be awarded...

4)We are watching for
C)Adherence to the theme

5) Competition ends April 30th.

6) We will have two divisions, Iclone and 2D Division.

7) Any software is permitted. Iclone Division must be partially done in Iclone.

8) Upload your videos on the “Submit Clip” page. Clips must be uploaded to our site for consideration.

9) Most important – have fun and learn something new!!!! That’s what this is all about.

Okay, that’s it. We are looking forward to the creativity of all of you – we are always amazed at what you all come up with. Videos will be posted as they come it. We’ll create a new page for viewing on the website.


1) Vitascene by prodad – Video effects program

2) Sonic Fire Pro By smartsound and 2 CD’s

3) Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Video Editing

4) 2 copies of a video sound edit program by Pinnacle (cleans up narrations and has a microphone)

5) 1 copy of a program that lets you plug in your guitar and microphone and mix music

7) Iclone Pro

8) Crazy Talk Pro

9) WidgetCast Pro plus pop video converter

10) 5,000 backstage points

Pinheads are available to download at


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