The Bard Act 2 Premiers Tonight

The Bard Act2 : Consequences

"His peace…lost. His village…destroyed. His family…put to the sword...his purpose is unmistakable: survival and vengeance. Trained in the art of the blade, and steeped in the wisdom of melodic enchantment, the Bard shall do everything in his power to smite his mortal enemy: the warlord Abukhatar. Experience the second chapter of his epic journey. Immerse yourselves in the realm of the days of old. Witness the legendary exploits of the Bard!"

Story and Animation - Animatechnica
Featuring Musical direction by GoofParade
This episode starring: Jakechief, Ricky Grove, Killian, Act3Scene24, K4, Rainman
Act 2 Marketing - Dave Maverick


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