The Mefune Akira Trailer Competition

Do you love to make trailers, but don't have the time for the full length film?
Well you've come to the right place!

L.M.A.O. STUDIOS is proud to announce the 2nd annual Trailer Competition.
After so much fun last year, I decided to give it another go.

A catch? Hell yeah, there's always a catch. Would it be fun without em?

Here are the rules:

#1 All movie trailer submissions must contain all of the following quotes:
  • ”Honestly, its not my gerbil”
  • "They're dead! They're all dead!"
  • "Shut your pie hole son and start shooting!”
  • ”If you love me, you wont do this."
  • "Dammit, I said cut the blue one, not the green!”

*Even though some or all of the quotes may not work with your idea for a trailer, there are ways to work it in,
such as whats on TV or crowd chatter. Just make sure I can hear it clearly!

#2 All submissions are due by May 10th, 2010 11:59pm PST.

#3 You may submit as many trailers as you like, but only one of yours may be in the finals.

#4 You must have permission from the TMU member if you use their name in your trailers.

#5 All machinima programs are all welcome.

All submission must be specifically made for this competition and include
"Created for Mefune Akira's Trailer Competition" at the end of the trailer.

#7 All submission must be under 5 minutes. Yes, you can make a 10 second trailer if you like.

#8 All contestants must have fun doing this or they can bugger off.

#9 Failure to comply with rule #10 will result in disqualification!

#10 What are you looking at?


1st Place:
  • An interview on the Roger and Ken Show on TMOA
  • A Mefune Akira Trailer Competition winner T-Shirt
  • A Mefune Akira Trailer Competition winner thong
5 Finalist:
  • An text interview on
  • A finalist compilation movie released by L.M.A.O. Studios
All entries:
  • Showcased on TMU Theater
  • Your satisfaction that you made a machinima movie and didn't pull any hair out.
    (Best prize in my opinion)

On May 10th, the competition will end.

On May 17th, I will announce the 5 finalists.

On May 24th, I will announce the winners!

Check out last years Trailer Comp thread here!

Check out last years ENTRIES here!

Check out last years WINNER here!

Have fun and lets see what you got!


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