Memorial Day Weekend Premiere Events

Hey folks! Not sure what your possibly going to do after the Roger and Ken show this Sunday? How about some brand new movie premieres at TMUTheater!

First up we have Jake chiefs entry to the Roger Thong Competition!

Invention of a Roger Thong stars: Ken White Roger Strange Burlong. Sound effects by and by jakechief, music by Sherwin Lui
Second up - we have the anticipated new science-fiction film from Allpoint called Solar Freyr!

The Solar Freyr encounters an asteroid field on the other side of our galaxy and activates its experimental matter dimension drive to pass through it. Upon deactivation of the drive a strange object appears in the engine corridor.
And finally, we have the 40+ minute live-action action/drama film over a year in the making...CINDERBLOCK DREAMS.

Gabe is given an opportunity to make a lot of money just delivering packages. But the more he works for the company, the more he begins to see its shady practices and believes they might be connected to someone who was murdered three years prior...

Directed by Nick Blacketer
Edited by D.L. Watson & Nick Blacketer
Sound Design, Music, and Visualfx by D.L. Watson

Original Piano score by Brittany Studer
Other music provided by The Last

Starring Nick Pemble, Michael Ray Clark, Meredith Williams, Erika Antonsen, Nick Brooks, Chris White, Steven McKinley, and Don Moore.

So come on over to TMUTheater and be entertained! And I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!

It all starts at 4:10pm PST/ 7:10pm EDT!


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