Start thinking about the Second Annual Ollies

As you may (or may not) be aware, 22 July 2010 marks the end date for acceptable nominations for this year's Ollies.

For those of you not aware, this is last year's thread, containing the categories, etc. that you, the community, voted on last time.

In preparation for this year's awards, we thought now would be a good time to start folk thinking about the last twelve months of movie making, to allow you to check back on some of the great flicks you may have missed and give you plenty of time to think about what you want to nominate this year.

We will be following the same general process as before; the "nomination phase", where every registered TMU member will be able to nominate the films they believe deserve recognition in the various categories, followed by the "voting phase", where again all "filmic collective" participants get to register their vote for the shortlisted movies from the nominations received.

We may have a cool new way for the nominations and votes to be tallied this year (if our resident coding genius can get it working, that is ), and further details will be posted nearer the actual kick off time for the first phase.

In the meantime, constructive suggestions for categories (other than those we already had last time) are gratefully accepted; as the hobby has moved on a lot since last year, some of the categories may no longer be relevant, some may need to be "updated" and there are no doubt some which we missed last time round.

There is a thread which K4 created last year for ease of use which has a few entries; we have been discussing a potential sub forum specifically for Ollies posts; more news on that if and when.

As an example of the changes, it is possible that, to avoid such a manic evening as last year, we will be looking to announce the "Technical Awards" on Saturday and the "Movie Awards" on Sunday to allow more time for interviews, etc.


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