Tick tock, tick tock

...Tick, tock, tick, tock...

Time is counting down to the closure of the Nomination Phase of the 2010 Ollies!

You have just over 10 days to get your Nominations in, so don't delay!

I can see by the number of responses thus far that people are obviously agonising over their choices (and I don't blame you; there are some damnably hard choices to make this year. I'd venture to say, the choice is even harder than last year!), but don't miss out on your chance to nominate!

Make sure you follow the proscribed format for completing the nominations to avoid your hard work going to waste; without specifics, we haven't got the time to work through all 8,000+ movies uploaded in the last 12 months to have a rough idea of what movie you were talking about that director X made, or performer Y starred in, etc!

So, make sure you get your nominations in by midnight UK time on 21 August to ensure that your views are considered in the Voting Phase!

Access the voting form HERE


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