Your Clips Played During The Ollies Awards

As you've no doubt have heard, the Ollies are getting bigger and better. Not only that, The Ollies are now getting wonderful attention by those companies that support moviemaking; companies such as Moviestorm, Reallusion, and CelTx.

The Ollies is a platform for highlighting YOUR movies as well - whether they have been nominated or not. The only criteria is that the movies must have been released on TMU between 22 July 2009 and 21 July 2010

Whether you movie has been nominated or not, please consider sending a short audio clip from your movie to:
under the Subject Header:
OLLIES - MovieTitle - YourName
name the submitted file:
(mp3 preferred, but wav is fine)

Then be listening to TMOA during The Ollies to hear your clip in a montage of movie memories we have all shared at TMU.

Also, Please consider making a good comment about your movie, or the community, or The Ollies in a 1 minute or less mp3 or wav audio file.

These will also be used in the production of The Ollies Award Show on TMOA Radio.

Send to:
under the Subject Header:
OLLIES - Comment - YourName
name the submitted comment file:


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